Getting Here

Getting To Nantucket

If you’re wondering where to start on your 30 mile-journey out to sea, don’t worry; there’s no need to hop aboard a whaleboat. With ferries and seaplanes running regularly to our island, getting to Nantucket is as laid-back as basking in the island sun.

By Sea: Hop On A Ferry

Many island regulars are familiar with passenger boats like Hyline Cruises and the Steamship Authority, and it’s easy to see why — watching the waves from a sun-drenched deck simply becomes part of the experience. Set off to the island traveling hub of Hyannis, MA and park your ride at the lot on Ocean Street or the Hinckley Lot on Yarmouth Road (no need for wheels on Nantucket). From there, head to the ticket booth, and choose between a fast ferry for an expedited arrival on Nantucket or a slow boat for a little more time to soak in those outstanding offshore views.

Hyannis isn’t the only hub for Nantucket travelers — Seastreak Ferry has passenger boats cruising in from NYC, Highlands, NJ, and New Bedford, MA.

By Air: Soar Over The Waves

Cape Air is the aerial go-to for getting to Nantucket — you can book a fast flight from Boston, New Bedford, or Hyannis, or Westchester, NY. It may be a little pricier than boarding a ferry, but it only takes one time reveling in a bird’s eye view of the glistening Atlantic to become a frequent Cape Air flyer.

Other Nantucket-bound airliners include:

Plane passengers will plant their feet at the Nantucket Memorial Airport about three miles south of downtown Nantucket, where cabs will be ready to bring you to the center of the island action.