Dawn Till Dusk on 5 Iconic Nantucket Beaches

July 9, 2018

An island vacation is all about the beach, and Nantucket has a beach for every time and type of day. Walk, bike, or take the shuttle to the sandy spot you’ve been dreaming about. Whether you seek small waves for swimming or heavy surf to watch at sunset, the Atlantic awaits.

Dawn Till Dusk on 5 Iconic Nantucket Beaches

Sunrise on ‘Sconset

Skip the snooze button just this once and start your day with the sunrise over ‘Sconset Beach on the East shore. It’s a little out of the way, but the seals like it like that. You can take the shuttle or choose your own bike adventure on the gentle Milestone Road path or the more challenging Polpis bike path. When the sun’s up, treat yourself to coffee and pastries in the town of Siasconset.

Little Waves for Little Ones

The whole family can walk to the aptly named Children’s Beach from Nantucket’s downtown. The North Shore of the island is known for smaller waves and warmer water, ideal for small kids to splash around safely. Enjoy family activities like dancing and tie-dye, and catch a concert during the summer months.

Fully Outfitted For Fun

Jetties Beach is home to a slew of attractions beyond sunbathing, with a lifeguard, changing rooms, playground, volleyball nets, tennis courts, skate park, restaurant, and more. The calm waters of Jetties Beach are an easy walk or bike from downtown, and there’s no need to schlep a small city back and forth — you can rent chairs and umbrellas when you get there.

The Beach at Brant Point

The Beach at Brant Point is an ideal destination for an after lunch stroll or pre-dinner preamble. Its focal point and namesake, the iconic Brant Point Lighthouse, is over 100 years old — though it’s first iteration dates all the way back to 1746. Watch the boats go by (and the wedding photos unfold) from the comfortable sandy beach, but don’t jump in. Swimming is discouraged due to heavy traffic and no lifeguards.

Watch the sunset from Makadet Beach on Nantucket.
James Behnke (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr.

Sunset on the Western Shore

As the day winds down, take a bike or 4-wheel drive out to Madaket Beach. Heavy surf and accompanying undertows make it unfit for swimming, but the sand is notably soft and the beach curves west for an incredible sunset.

Whatever island time it is, you’ll find a beach that speaks to you. Make your homebase in the heart of Nantucket at The Roberts Collection, so you can walk to the water or take off to ‘Sconset on your bike.